Last post, we share with you about the content marketing: how to become a content marketer . And today, we want to share with you one more secret: Marketing automation. Well, you have heard about this? Yes, for sure. It is mainly use for B2B and it is something like auto sending an email with the prepared content to a lists of email addresses? Yes, it is true, but not enough. After reading this post, we hope that you will have a rich picture regarding to marketing automation.

Marketing automation refers to the software that exists with the goal of automating marketing actions  but marketing automation is not only about sending a irrelevant, spammy, automated email to the emal list. It has a lot of tatics around to make a company achieve these goals:

  1. Save time and costs of the company.
  2. Measure and optimize marketing effectiveness.
  3. Increase the cycle profitability.


However, the final goal of any marketing tool is maximizing the sale revenue. How? Below is some tips which you need to remember when you do marketing automation:

  1. Email marketing: Creating and distribute scheduled –email base on the habit, role and activity of target customers.
  2. Landing page for each marketing campaign.
  3. Managing marketing campaign: developing and recycle content
  4. Integrated offer and content to support sales.
  5. Intergrated advertising, social media, word-of-mouth and search engine marketing to create interaction with the system.
  6. Lead Nurturing/ Lead Scoring/ Life circle Management: customer priorities based on the compatibility and the ability to purchase consumer goods. Filtering information according to customer interactions and preferences.
  7. CRM: Move target customers to real customers, who purchase product and service
  8. Social marketing: from social media to sales
  9. Consultancy service.
  10. Marketing analysis: analysis the profit of each marketing campaign                             images

Much more important: if you still remember how angry you are when your mail box is full of spam emails ( many of them are auto email) you need to think carefully before any automation marketing campaign. Grace Level in her recent post have mentioned about 5 things you can not do without Marketing automation: take your hand off the keyboard, creat a sellable assets, scale your business, know your number, and see what is working in your business.

Good luck!








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