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         Nowadays, we require higher quality of life directly gives expression on higher level consumption , especially, luxury goods consumption, however, majority is decend standard consumer, thus, that’s the reason why the websites we gonna introduce below appeared in view of the masses. Because of the globalization, we will introduce two websites in different countries target different parts of consumers.


Two Websites Introduction


1.Vente-privee(Europe and United States)b2e2be238aa1593a71a434230c79ad3e.jpg

         Vente-privee is an e-commerce business model shopping website, in the way of during limited time to buy seasonal luxury products in discount, called the originator of flash purchase. It is France’s largest fashion electronics business shopping website. Its cross-border business mainly in Europe and the United States.


          As early as 2001, the French shopping website began to sell the high-end clothing brand at a low price. During that period,   Jacques-Antoine Granjon and his seven business partners created the website. Their initial idea was to sale the unsalable inventories limitely online, which would not only solve the problem of suppliers who desired to sell these unsalable inventories, but also retain their own brand image without prejudice, in addition, ensure that the revenues would not distributed to other channels.

          In terms of luxury brands, they pay more attention to whether the site can sell in the proper price of goods or in the proper attitude, we must keep the value of the luxury while saling with price-off promotion at the same time.




            Hong Xiaobo and Shen Ya, the founders of VIPS, were inspired by the shopping site Vente-privee in France. This kind of genuine flash purchase enabled consumers to get a great buying pleasure, meeting the demands of different levels of consumers: From hoping buy big-name products with lower price to the ordinary consumers of these brands already has a loyal customer base.

da384506ae9b8c38af9d7df92e37ee55             VIPS includes the brand-name clothing, fashion cosmetics, fashion accessories, daily necessities and other commodities, and it has 100 brands on-line sales everyday. In VIPS, consumers could achieve one-stop shopping feel.

             However, the founder of the beginning, the site is a luxury concept with target segmentation high-end consumer group, which is clearly not in line with China’s national conditions. And after nearly three months of frustration, the founders were keenly aware that such sites lacked market potential in China, and then quickly moved to the mid-range brands, furthermore in the golden age of e-commerce, it foothold successfully in China.


Comparison Between These Two


           Combine the introduce of these two websites, we build a form to show the different between them. VIPS focus on the obsolescent product especially the shoes and clothes, Vente-privee sells luxury.b0c588a2134e0723b0a60e61148a9bf9

      VIPS’s customers more like for the working-class and Vente-privee’s customer process a higher income so that most of them pursue the fixed brands. Compares the entry barriers, VIPS sells lower price products, it’s easy to entry.

           VIPS Vente-privee
Main products Obsolescent product

(shoes and clothes)

Demand level Emotional and attribution needs Needs of respect
Consumer characteristics Brand and price Brand seekers
Barriers to entry Easy medium
Price Medium Rely on brand influence        

           According to the comparison, we are going to  give two points of the view that how can improve an E-business website.

1.Select more suitable products on the brand limited sale

                 If you want to stand out in the field of brand limited sale, you need to differentiate the consumer groups at different levels to customize the corresponding research marketing strategy.


             Vente-privee includes clothing, accessories and furniture, and based on the old customers introduce new customers to expand their business. In hence, the most important thing is their products focusing on design than others, original and rare.

      VIPS, is still in the stage, helping enterprises to sell obsolescent products. Although the sales are quite large, because of the low enter threshold, the trend will be imitated and suppressed easily. It is necessary to grasp the balance between price and value of the product. The value of the product won’t be influenced by the price-off promotion. 


2.How to develop brand limited sale websites

a7e48c0fc3c52fd21ff75bb50195e527            Expanding the range of products, and  the range of choice for the customers. Brand diversity directly decides consumer attraction. However, it also would be cautious to stare at category expansion, focusing on the core customer groups.
            Improving after-sales service system and improving consumer satisfaction and loyalty. Also, shaping the website culture and enhancing the website’s social identity


Tips for A Better Website

1.Condense your menu:

             One clarify guide makes your visitors easier to find what they want. It delivers a better feeling for your visitors. Plus, they won’t click “return“ because they won’t be frustrated trying to find what they need.

2.Have a call to action on every page:

            Every page on your website should make your visitors act on something. Maybe it’s getting them to purchase your e-book, view your credentials, or watch a demo video. Whatever it is, make it known to the users. Remember, they don’t want to think when they’re browsing your site. Whatever,it’s a button or a hyperlink, everything on the pages will lead them to the act which you ultimately want.

3.Put your phone number on your homepage:

             The phone number often buried on a contact page or not on the site at all. Big mistake! Many visitors head to your website just to find your phone number, so make it prominent on your homepage. The top right corner usually is the best.

4.Add business hours:

           Similar to the phone number above, when is your business opening? May I call you at May I pay my order at These questions are important to your customers more than your think. Making your hours known solves these, so that you need to put them up for all to see.

5.Use big, bold images:

            Images speak louder than words. Capture your visitors with beautiful imagery. Take pictures of your team in action, shots of the local area, or recent projects you’ve worked on.

6.Add a directions widget:

            Directions are convenient and important for anybody. You can add Google’s free map to your site. It shows you care about the whole experience for customers.

7.Make your site mobile-friendly:

      Mobile phone is really very popular now. So  your new customers are maybe use mobile browsing. But, it’s tough to navigate a site not optimized for a tiny screen. There are plenty of inexpensive tools to create a mobile website from your current site. Explore those or get a designer to make your site mobile-friendly.

  1. Cut the distractions (i.e. music and splash pages):

            These distractions make your visitors feel like in a mess and time wasting.


         These two above are symbols of outstanding discount websites in present. They are mapping an active demand of high level consumption from  public. Simultaneously, e-commercial business should provide a better platform for this kind of nice wish. Blessing the consumers all over the world could have a perfect online-shopping experience and hoping advanced e-business could bring a brilliant future to public.



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