How to deliver value in the digital age?

“5 billion new people will connect to the internet in the next decade” – How will 5 billion people affect your business?

Digital technologies have transformed our lives radically. Within one generation, the world’s population has gone from having virtually no access to unfiltered information to accessing all of the world’s information through a device that fits in the palm of a hand.

Facing this fast-paced and ever-changing marketing environment, it has become crucial for companies to develop new strategies in order to keep up with and to fully exploit the opportunities that come along with this transformation.

This being said, the main goal of this blog is to present state-of-the-art solutions and strategies on how to deliver value in the digital age. So whether you are an entrepreneur, freelancer, or student, this blog provides you with the latest insights on digital marketing and value creation.

Who we are                                                                          

Let us, first of all, illustrate who we are. Being marketing students at EM Strasbourg Business School coming from all over the world, we distinguish ourselves through our cultures, values and languages. Despite our international background, we are all well-connected by our common interest in marketing, which brings us closer together.

Within our master’s specialization in operational and strategic marketing, it is our challenge, our task and our goal to work and learn together. Our program focuses on important subjects in consumer behavior and branding, including innovation management, social media and digital marketing.

The latter links us directly to our current project, which is to create and foster this blog, where we are going to talk about delivering value in the digital age. This gives us the unique chance to learn first-hand about the opportunities, challenges and risks of digital marketing.

What does delivering value in the digital age imply for you as a company?

The value concept and value adding seem to be one of the most recent and most popular trends today. However, the concept of value is multifaceted and complicated. For us, value can be added and understood in several ways. In an in-class discussion, the following topics came to our mind: unique vision, innovative strategy, cutting edge organization, online security etc. In general, the aim of the company should be to establish, maintain and enhance customer relationships to meet the expectations of all the stakeholders.

Digital capabilities increasingly will determine which companies create or lose value, since the digitalization has rewritten the rules of competition. For that reason, it becomes more and more important to enhance interactions with customers; to strengthen customer loyalty as well as to highlight your competitive advantage. But how? What has changed in the digital age compared to former best practices?


Customers want to be personally addressed, messages and products have to be customized – our habits, attitudes and perceptions have changed. The dynamic online landscape offers many touchpoints with the customer and many different ways to interact. Therefore, it is essential to know how to position and act in this emerging environment to set the right impulses – with digital marketing as a crucial mean.

For sure, these new strategies are not set in stone, they rather have to be developed and adapted for every single business. This needs creativity, innovativeness and an exchange of ideas. In this blog we don’t want to redefine what marketing is, but we want to develop excellent strategies to help you achieve a great result.

And that’s where we would like YOU to get active!  

In our blog, we want to provide thought-provoking impulses through giving insights into scientific and practical findings, as well as through presenting interesting examples. But the benefit would be much greater with your contribution:

  • Do you have any ideas, comments or examples?
  • Do you agree or disagree with our opinions, results and suggestions?
  • Do the concepts help you in your daily business?

Don’t hesitate! Let’s share our thoughts and get ready for the digital age!

Follow us and benefit from our blog about creating and experiencing (digital) VALUE!

So stay tuned, and don’t forget:                                                       value

by Marine Legouet, Julia Lutz, Lisa-Marie Mayer, Eva Maria Miller, Corinna Wolff



6 thoughts on “How to deliver value in the digital age?

    1. Max, thank you very much for your interest in our blog. We’re glad that you liked the first article. To make sure that you don’t miss any new insights on “how to deliver value in the digital age”, you can follow us on facebook, wordpress or twitter. So stay tuned!


  1. I am starting to hear about the “Internet of Things” a lot more. There is a buzz in silicon valley that IOT will change the way in which we interact with everyday items. How do you think marketing will adapt to the IOT?
    Great article, looooove it!


    1. Hello Mango Heat,
      Thank you very much for your feedback. You’re right, the “Internet of Things” is a very important topic when it comes to talking about the digital age. In fact, the IOT influences every aspect of our daily lives and it will be an important marketing task to properly adapt to this technological development. That’s why we would be glad to tackle this topic in a seperate article. Thanks for your idea!


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